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A while ago I needed a theme/style switcher which could switch themes during runtime. For example, with Theme A activated my buttons would be red, but with Theme B activated my buttons would change from red to blue. There are various ways of accomplishing this, so I decided to do some Googling. A few popular solutions proposed were:

  • Applying a CSS class to the <body> with the theme name. Then use that CSS class to overwrite CSS properties for elements with specific classes, or load a completely different stylesheet for each theme.
  • Applying a CSS class to each element with…

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There are different ways of organizing Angular projects. Many of them follow a pattern of using a shared and core module, which we’ll be discussing in this article amongst other tips to keep your codebase clean and maintainable. While this architecture is suited for most projects, larger enterprise projects or tiny one-page apps might favour different approaches. In the end the architecture of each project serves the same purpose: to create a maintainable and scalable codebase.

To demonstrate the tips here, we’ll create a sample Angular app. …

So you’ve finally finished developing your Angular app 🙌. You’ve used the latest techniques, followed all the best-practices, neatly added unit tests to obtain 100% code coverage. All that’s left is running ng build —-prod and publish the /dist folder, right? Here are 5 tips to polish your Angular application before shipping it to production.

Tip #1: Browser Support

You’ve probably already clicked through your app in various different browsers to check if everything is working as expected. Luckily the majority of today’s modern browsers are all aligning with the new Web Standards. Furthermore they are mostly evergreen browsers, meaning they silently update in…

Rik de Vos

My name is Rik, a developer and designer living in The Netherlands. Currently I work for CarePay as Senior Front-End Developer. Building stuff is my hobby!

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